Cookbooks led by Beth Ables (Club Price $106)
Recipes tell stories. We imagine the meals we’ll make when we read a cookbook, and there’s so much to learn about a culture from its food. In this group, we’ll read, imagine, learn and cook (which means we’ll also SAMPLE) for each meeting. Come hungry!

Meeting Dates (6:30-8pm)

  • August 14- Something Old, Something New, Tamar Adler
  • September 18- Dining In, Allison Roman
  • October 9- Turnip Greens and Tortillas, Eddie Hernandez
  • November 13- Cake, Maria Kalman

Book Clubs are purchased as a package of books and are transacted in-store or online at M.Judson's website. We will contact you when the first book is available for pick up. The remaining books will be delivered at the first meeting.

If a participant already owns a copy of the book that will be discussed, he or she is welcome to swap out for a book in store of equal value at time of pick up. If giving the book club as a gift, a gift certificate will be created for the recipient.