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In Conversation with Author Michael Bishop & John Jeter- "A Murder in Music City"

We’re looking forward to a fascinating conversation with Tennessee writer Michael Bishop about his book A Murder in Music City: One Man’s Investigation into a Decades-Old Crime.

In 1997, after agreeing to help a friend research a history of major crimes in Nashville, Michael Bishop found a file on the murder of college student Paula Herring, who was babysitting her younger brother in their home when she was killed. Bishop became fascinated with the case, which had been solved. His review of the public records and interviews with local residents bolstered his suspicions that the wrong man had been convicted.

By doggedly following every lead and using his salesman’s skills to gain the trust of the witnesses he spoke to, Bishop uncovered evidence that John Randolph Clarke was framed. In this book, his personal narrative of his discovery, he builds a plausible and chilling theory as to the identity of the real killer.

Come hear this self-made sleuth give the story behind his story. 7pm.