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Harry Potter Community Re-Read #1, "Sorcerer's Stone"

Presenting: The Harry Potter Community Read! Are you a diehard fan with magic in your blood? Has Harry Potter brought you closer to loved ones? Do you love the movies but secretly wish you had read all the books? Join the HP Community Read starting on the 8th of July!

Each meeting will be facilitated to guide you through the themes and context of each book. We’ll talk about character development, theories, our favorite scenes, and how cool it would be to have magical powers. Some meetings will include activities and snacks (anyone want some Bertie Bott’s every flavored beans?) But all meetings will be a collection of like-minded individuals bonding over one of the greatest stories ever told. There will be 8 meetings total. One for each book, with the final meeting focusing on the release of “The Cursed Child”, which you can pre-order at M. Judson.

When: The second Friday of each month from 7pm-8:30pm.

Where: Here at M. Judson!

What you’ll need to do: This is a community read, not a thesis seminar. Each meeting will have a sign-up feature on the M. Judson events calendar. A maximum of 20 people can attend each meeting. You decide what meetings you’ll attend based on your own enthusiasm, schedule, and transportation abilities.