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Harrison Scott Key, author of The World’s Largest Man in conversation with Brett Barest

This magnificent memoir of fathers and sons puts us in mind of a straight, deep deep South David Sedaris. Harrison, with his love of books and excessive interest in hugging, couldn’t have been less like Pop, and when it became clear that he was not able to kill anything very well or otherwise make his father happy, he resolved to become everything his father was not: an actor, a Presbyterian, and a doctor of philosophy. But when it was time to settle down and start a family of his own, Harrison started to view his father in a new light, and realized—for better and for worse—how much of his old man he’d absorbed. This is going to be a fun one, kids. 7pm

EXTRA EXTRA, grab it and read it! The first 10 people who purchase Harrison Scott Key's book "The Largest Man on Earth" on Thursday May 26th from 6:30pm on will receive 1 ticket each to attend the Made South VIP Preview at Taylors Mill. Tickets include free bites, two free beverages, and getting to see cool duds. 21+ only, for more details.