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Pop-Up Supper - Krumms on the Plate

We're celebrating some great chefs in our area who are throwing down some darn good food.  Giving these chefs a homebase in downtown Greenville gives you a chance to stop by and savor their creative fare.  The rules are dish, one price and only available while it lasts!  And remember... for just one night!

Join us for our last international Pop-Up Supper!! Drawing inspiration from South America, South Africa & South Carolina, Krumms on the plate will be serving Shrimp Ceviche Tostada with Habenero Peach Vinaigrette, Stuffed Peppers with ground beef, rice, chickpeas & raisins. All served with a side of seasonal succotash.

$9 per plate. No reservations necessary but remember it’s first come, first served.  Dinner starts at 6:00pm and goes until we run out!