Who doesn’t love being read to?

John Colapinto wrote an article for The New Yorker a couple of years ago called “The Pleasures of Being Read To.”  Can I get an amen?  There is all sorts of research about how it’s good for older kids, even after they’re reading on their own. It helps develop vocabulary and encourages conversation and all sorts of fabulous things.  Really, though, being read to is just a pleasure.  It’s like getting tucked in.  Even though the world might say you’re too old for it, it’s still a great feeling when it happens.

Being read to taps into something elemental; long before we wrote, we heard.  Thinking about Anna Dewdney’s request a few days ago to read to a child rather than have a funeral for her, I am reminded that we are really all children, and being read to is a pleasure no matter your age.