Object Lessons Continued

I like the idea of Bloomsbury Publishing’s series called Object Lessons.  Here’s how Bloomsbury describes the series:

Object Lessons is a series of concise, collectable, beautifully designed books about the hidden lives of ordinary things. Each book starts from a specific inspiration: an historical event, a literary passage, a personal narrative, a technological innovation-and from that starting point explores the object of the title, gleaning a singular lesson or multiple lessons along the way. Featuring contributions from writers, artists, scholars, journalists, and others, the emphasis throughout is lucid writing, imagination, and brevity. Object Lessons paints a picture of the world around us, and tells the story of how we got here, one object at a time.


The titles for the 2017 Object Lessons, have just been released and include Traffic, High Heel, Tumor, Jet Lag, and Personal Stereo.  For a brief summary of each, thanks to our friends at LitHub, click here: