Basic Human Competence

It’s kind of what makes the world go ‘round, isn’t it? I mean, love, for sure, yes, but competence is right up there, too.  The Atlantic recently featured an article that delves into the idea of “competence porn,” a phrase coined by John Rogers, one of the writers for the TV show Leverage, in 2009 based on the fact that it seemed to him that “for the audience, watching competent people banter and plan was a big part of the appeal.”  Clint Eastwood’s direction of the new movie Sully shows that the “Miracle on the Hudson” had nothing to do with invisibility, x-ray vision, or any other superpower, unless, of course, basic human competence is now a super power.  Perhaps it is.  One thing I’ve noticed for sure is that if someone asks you to do something and you do it well, you be asked to do it again.  I call it the curse of the competent, but maybe there’s a blessing there, too.