To Work at The Strand, You Have to Take the Quiz

The Strand Bookstore is New York City’s finest independent bookstore.  Founded by Benjamin Bass in 1927, it’s now owned by Benjamin’s son, Fred, and Fred’s daughter.  (Fred is 88 years old and still works at The Strand part-time.)  It’s a living legend, and working at The Strand gets you instant street cred, which is even tougher to come by in NYC than the accompanying health insurance.  About 60 people apply for a job there every week; only a couple are hired. 

The final hurdle in the application process is a quiz that offers you book titles; you have to match the title to the author.  It’s a rite of passage that every potential Strand employee must take.  And sometimes they even throw in trick questions, just to mess with you.  Bass says it’s a good way to find good employees.  Good employees are key because, to quote Bass himself, “without good people, you don’t have anything going.”

We don’t have a quiz here at M.Judson, but we certainly agree with Mr. Bass on the idea that good people are what keeps it going.  We’re grateful for our good people; we couldn’t do it without them.

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