An Interesting Essay on Hair

“Even though hair and nails arevery similar in composition and appear to be equally useful for the working of sympathetic magic, as keepsakes they just don’t have the same force of attraction or hold comparable sentimental value.”

The good folks at LitHub recently featured Scott Lowe’s essay “Hair” from the Object Lessons series.*  I tend to think of hair as a means of expression.  (My daughter’s middle school dress code forbids dying hair any “unnatural” color because it is too distracting. Really?  It’s 700 middle school kids … and pink hair is what they’re worried about?)  Lowe, however, presents an interesting history of hair and its cultural mystique.  If you’ve got a couple of minutes and a now-piqued curiosity, click here to read the full essa.

*Object Lessons is a series of short, beautifully designed books about the hidden value of ordinary things.