Happy Birthday, M.F.K.!

On this day in 1908, M.F.K. Fisher was born.  Why do we love M.F.K. Fisher?  It's a long list. 

She was an author.  We love authors.

She was a foodie.  We love foodies.

She wrote about food.  We really love that.

But probably the number one reason why we're all for M.F.K. today is because our very own Ashley Warlick helped us crawl into Fisher's brain a little bit in Ashley's amazing book The Arrangement.  It just came out a couple of months ago, and it blends Ashley's love of food, admiration for Fisher, and talent for writing into one great big bucket of fabulous.  If you haven't read it yet, get your self a copy in honor of M.F.K.'s birthday.  If you can track her down in the store, Ashley will probably even sign it for you.