A Handwritten Note

Who writes notes anymore?  You know, handwritten notes.  With your hand and a pen.  With all these electronic ways to communicate, who actually writes a note anymore? 

My husband does, for one.  He writes several a week. Intentionally.  Because he believes it means more than an e-mail because it takes more of your “you” to write it than to type it.

The president. He writes notes.  People love his notes.

People probably just love notes in general.  At the very least, it’s mail that’s not bills or solicitations or ads.  Your mother is right to bemoan the current dearth of handwritten notes.  Nothing digital is quite as personal.  Mary Savig wrote an article for The Atlantic that explores the art of handwriting and it’s place in our cultural history.  Read it, then perhaps go write a note.  With a pen.  And your hand.  It’s a gift like no other.