The Sunday Edition

Yes, I know it's Tuesday, but I get the Sunday edition of the newspaper.  Mostly I get it for the coupons, but also partly for the comics (in color!).  Yesterday's edition of Parade (which is tucked into the comics with the coupons) was the summer reading issue.  In it, Ann Patchett and her staff at Parnassus Books make their choices for the 75 best books of the past 75 years. 

It's an interesting thing to think about, and I'd imagine each person's list of the best 75 books of the last 75 years would be different.  That's why Ann Patchett wouldn't do the list by herself.  She feared the onslaught of hate mail that would ensue when she left someone's favorite off the list, as she was bound to do. 

If you're interested to see what made the Parnassus staff's list, you can check it out here: