Being a Beast, by Charles Foster

LitHub posted a list of 13 books we should read in June, and this one in particular caught my eye:

Being a Beast, Charles Foster (Metropolitan Books)

Being a Beast is a risky book. It chronicles Charles Foster’s attempt to inhabit the lives of a half dozen animals, including a badger (dig a hole in the woods, sleep in it); a red deer (get a head start across a moor, listen to the dogs chasing); a swift (climb to the top of the highest tree you can find, feel the wind blow you about), and more; it is a brash, opinionated, and slightly mad (and madcap) adventure. Fortunately, Foster is the ideal guide to pull off such a stunt and Being a Beast is the book I am most excited to handsell this summer.

–Stephen Sparks (Bookseller at Green Apple, Lit Hub contributor)

You can catch the full list here: