Stop Using Periods? ACK!!

I saw this coming. I recognize that around 9:30 pm, I no longer feel like I can hang with the 20-somethings.  My kids had to teach me Snapchat. I get it. I’m middle-aged, set in my ways, a little old-fashioned, and a lot tired.  I’m also a grammar nerd, so yeah, those 20-somethings are so sad when I have to call it a night when things are just getting going.

When the Washington Post posted a blog about not using periods in text, I felt the ground shake, but the world kept turning.  But then Jeff Guo, the author of the post, went on to say that the period isn’t just unnecessary, it’s actually bad.  He says if you use periods in texting, you come off as “cold, angry, or passive-aggressive.”  Wow.  My apologies to every one I’ve texted. Ever.  I do not mean to appear cold, angry, or passive-aggressive.  I just mean that my sentence ended.  That’s all.

I’ve always thought of the period as the stand-by, go-to, always-there-for-you type of punctuation mark.  No longer. It has moved from humble to angry, at least in the texting world.  My heart hurts. I think it might be what’s wrong with ‘Merica these days.  Not enough humility, too much anger. 

I’m a little distraught.  My middle-aged self is going to lie down for a bit.  You 20-somethings can carry on without me. Indefinitely. Because you have no period to stop you.