The Schwa Sound on ESPN

In case you missed it, the Scripps Spelling Bee happened last week.  It was edge-of-your-seat kind of stuff, so it was appropriately televised on ESPN.  Yep. ESPN.  Spelling bee.  How cool is that?

Did you know they have commentators for spelling bees? In addition to the pronunciator and the judges, they have people who watch these trembling 11-13 year old kids and comment on the way they are handling the pressure and the words.  One of the most common comments from the commentators is how difficult the schwa sound is to spell.  I gotta admit, it's been a long time since I've given any thought to the ol' schwa.  After watching a couple hours of the spelling bee on TV, I'm a little hypersensitive to it ... and also a little delighted that it's on my mind.  

Well done, Scripps.  Well done, ESPN.  Making smart cool, raising spelling awareness, and bringing schwa to the forefront.  Thank you for your service to the public.

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