We ordered samples: fuzzy samples and sharp samples and wheels and bricks of things, and we started playing around on the floor. One of the best and most elegant parts of our new home, the Historic Family Court Building, is the terrazzo that extends into our store from the stunner of an Art Deco lobby. And even as we're coming in with a construction crew, we're determined to keep as many of the great bones of this building in place as possible. We're keeping the terrazzo. We're not keeping the purple carpet. So yesterday we got down there and tried to imagine our space from the ground up, lighter and brighter and cleaner and cooler. What goes with terrazzo?

It's a great word.

Terrazzo was originally invented by the Italians (inventors of eyeglasses and condoms and law school ) as a bit of cheap recycling, using marble chips leftover from jobs at the upscale palazzos and villas, mixed with clay and goat's milk. Goat's milk, which acted as a sealant.

Just imagine the ecosystem.