Once a month, we set a long table down the middle of the store, gather our friends and folks we admire, and watch the fabulousness happen. After-hours, up-close and personal, these dinners are unique experiences designed around local restaurants, exceptional authors, and sometimes both at the same time. Each menu will reflect a special pairing.  Pat Conroy loved it; you will, too.

Come on in, kids; dinner’s ready.

Sunday Sit-Down Supper with Chef John Malik and Joshilyn Jackson, the author of The Almost Sisters

Sunday August 27th, 7pm

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One of our most anticipated Southern favorites this summer has been Joshilyn Jackson's new novel The Almost Sisters, for the way she engages essential and evolving small town Southern values with humor and grace. Meet Leia, a usually level-headed graphic novelist, who has one tequila soaked night with Batman at an Atlanta comiccon, and ends up expecting a baby. When she returns to the small Alabama town of her youth to face her conventional family, her drama becomes the least of their concerns, and the skeletons are, literally, falling out of the closet.

We're excited to have John Malik back in the kitchen for this culinary interpretation of Joshilyn's book, with equal attention to tradition and whimsy. (And maybe a little tequila of our own.)

To Start:
Tin Roof Farm tomatoes, smoked tomato mayonnaise, Colonial Milling sourdough cornbread

First Course:
Lady Pea cake, herb salad, apple cider vinaigrette
Main Course:
Smoked & braised beef brisket, Colonial Milling grits, wild mushrooms, thyme, shallots
Vanilla & lemon zest pound cake, peach & Gewurztraminer jam, vanilla bean powder,
clabbered cream

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**No refunds or transfer of tickets to a future supper within 10 days of the event**

Sunday Sit-Down Supper with American Grocery

Sunday September 10th, 7pm

We couldn’t be more excited to host Joe Clarke and his team from American Grocery for an evening of remembering this groundbreaking Greenville institution. We know you’re excited right along with us. So please join us Sunday, September 10, at 7pm for a truly special Sit Down Supper. The format will be familiar—yes, there will be a cocktail!—and four lovely courses of the food that made AGR what we’re going to miss most in the West End. But we’ll also get to hear from Joe and Darlene about all the great stuff in store for this dynamic duo. It’s bound to be a night to remember.
Tickets are on sale below, or call the store at 864-630-2412. Seating is limited. Don’t miss your chance.
M. Judson Booksellers and Storytellers

Stay tuned for menu details!

How many tickets would you like?
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**No refunds or transfer of tickets to a future supper within 10 days of the event**