About Our Founders

Tricia Lightweis

Tricia Lightweis is a 25 year veteran of the bookselling industry, longtime owner of The Booksmith in Seneca, SC. She was honored with a special citation from the PEN/Newman’s Own Foundation for her work against censorship in Oconee Country schools despite threats to boycott her store. Not only is Tricia this awesome, but she also got to shake Paul Newman’s hand.

Samantha Wallace

Samantha Wallace is a MBA-holding mother of twins and the publisher of Edible Upcountry magazine, a seasonal publication that covers local food and foodways across the Upstate.  www.edibleupcountry.com

Ashley Warlick

Ashley Warlick is the author of four novels, the latest of which will be published in 2016 by Viking, entitled The Arrangement, based on the early career and tumultuous love life of the great food writer MFK Fisher. She is also the editor of Edible Upcountry magazine.

Check out Ashley's website www.AshleyWarlick.com.

June Wilcox

June Wilcox is a local entrepreneur who's happiest when she’s working on something that matters … like a really cool bookstore.  Greenville-bred and Greenville-proud, June is also the founder of a successful consulting company and the co-founder of 2 really cool boys.