Local Author Consignment Policy

Here at M. Judson, we take a lot of time to carefully curate our store. We focus our stock on food books, children’s books, and books about our place— which means we welcome local writers as well.

That said, our day and age makes it easier and easier for authors to self-publish their work. Sometimes, this is a wonderful route for a fresh (or seasoned) new voice to find an audience. But sometimes, self-published books are short on professional editing, proofreading and plans for marketing and distribution.  There are some 50,000 books published through traditional routes every year; when you add the new ranks of self-published titles to that, the numbers are staggering. No bookstore can carry everything. We limit how many new books we will accept in any given season—from national and local writers alike.

When choosing a book to place on our shelves, we are looking for:

  • Professional production quality, proofreading and marketing plan

  • Professional cover design and page layout

  • A UPC code, an ISBN and a spine with author and title

We also take into account whether or not we think the book will sell to our customers.  

If you would like to submit your book for consideration, please complete this form, print, sign and deliver with a copy of your book book to M. Judson, along with a self-addressed/stamped padded envelope for the return of your sample copy. Samples delivered without return postage will be donated.  

We shelve local authors quarterly: January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1. We will review your material and respond via email ten days before the nearest quarter begins.  If your book is accepted, you will be asked to sign our Local Author Consignment Contract, which includes a non-refundable shelving fee. This shelving fee offsets the extra time and energy we spend selecting local titles, as well as tracking inventory and payments. It also supports the staff needed for our quarterly Author’s Market. Typically, the Author’s Market will be held on our patio, on Sunday afternoons, including up to 12 local authors.

You can review a copy of our contract here.

Contract Information to consider, should we accept your book:

1.  There will be a $25 Shelving Fee.

2.  Terms are 60% to seller and 40% to M. Judson.

3.  Three copies of accepted consignment titles will be put on our shelves at the beginning of the quarter: January 1, April 1, July 1 or October 1. Should a copy sell, the author will be contacted for restock. However, payments will only be made at the end of the quarter.

4.  Books will be carried for 90 days. If the book has sold well, the author has the opportunity to restock with the same terms. No additional shelving fee will be required. If the books are unsold, the author will be asked to pick up their books. Any books left for longer than 30 days will be donated.

5.  Once per quarter, authors will be given the opportunity to promote and sell their books at our Author’s Market. You must be present to represent your book. Author’s Market sales will be subject to the same terms as in store sales.

6. Additional marketing and promotion of titles is the responsibility of the author. (The ABA has specific instructions for listing your self-published work for sale through their website, and thus, ours too. You can find those instructions here.)